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Saxon village (Oksnaford). It began with the foundation of the convent of Santa Fridesvida eighth century and the first written record is in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles of 912. In the tenth century Oxford became an important military town on the border between the kingdoms of Mercia and Wessex, and later it became Mercian royal burgh and was on several occasions raided by the Danes. (like bonus scommesse o bonus casino?)

of the stone age was mentioned for the first time in the twelfth century documents. The first colleges were University College (1249), Balliol College (1263) and Merton (1264). The Cathedral of Christ Church is unique in that it is both the cathedral and the chapel eponymous college. Sorta like the Priory Church of Santa Fridesvida, the building was extended and incorporated into the structure of the Cardinal's College shortly after this was re-founded as Christ Church in 1546. Since then, the chapel serves as the Cathedral function of the diocese of Oxford.

Relations between cities and universities (in English Town and gown, "town and gown") were often conflicting; many students were killed in the uprising of St. Scholastica of 1355. During the Civil War, Oxford housed the court of Charles I in 1642, after the king was expelled from London, although in the city there was strong support for Oliver Cromwell. The city surrendered to the troops of parliamentarians under General Thomas Fairfax in 1646. (if you have 18 years old play with video porno 24, top site for video)

In 1790 the Oxford Canal connected the city with Coventry, linking it to the Thames, and in the 1840s the railways "Great Western Railway" and "London and North Western Railway" hooked up Oxford and London. In the nineteenth century, the controversy surrounding the Oxford Movement in the Anglican church brought out the city as a center of theological thought. The town hall of Oxford was built under Queen Victoria.

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In the early twentieth century Oxford had rapid industrial and population growth. The publishing industry became important in the years 1920. During that period, there were profound economic and social transformations when William Morris established the Morris Motor Company for the production of mass cars in Cowley, on the south-eastern outskirts of the city. In the early 1970s, more than 20,000 people were employed at the premises of Morris Motors and Pressed Steel Fisher. This change in the culture of Oxford led to that "Oxford is the left bank of Cowley".

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The influence of immigrant labor for the automotive industry, the recent immigration from Southeast Asia and a large student population, have given Oxford a very cosmopolitan character, especially in the Headington and Cowley Road areas with various bars, restaurants, discos , ethnic shops and fast food. On May 6, 1954 Roger Bannister ran the first time the mile in less than 4 minutes on the Iffley Road track. The other universities of Oxford, Oxford Brookes University, formerly Oxford Polytechnic, based at Headington, won the statutes in 1991.